Spring hibernatetemplate saveorupdate not updating

*** Nonentity association: 1 non-XA retrievals took 0.109 seconds.


The intention of this blog entry is to put a similar example into my own words, to extend it slightly and hopefully to help anyone not experienced with Hibernate and Oracle to integrate Stored Procedures and Functions into an application quickly. We can initialize our schema user with SQLPlus with the following commands: We will download spring-framework-2.5.5-with-dependencies.zip, hibernate-distribution-3.3.1. Again, we can take advantage of a convenient Spring base class for our test cases.package spring.hibernate.oracle.stored.procedures.dao;import org.junit. Abstract Transactional Data Source Spring Context Tests;public class Author DAOTest extends Abstract Transactional Data Source Spring Context Tests [email protected]@org.hibernate.annotations.save() method also returns the generated identifier. save(String entity Name, Object object) : Accepts entity name and instance of entity. Save Method update() method updates the entity for persistence using the identifier of detached object or new instance of entity created with existing identifier.If the object is already in the session with the same identifier, then it throws exception.Typically used to implement data access or business logic services that use Hibernate within their implementation but are Hibernate-agnostic in their interface.The latter or code calling the latter only have to deal with domain objects, query objects, and exceptions.

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