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Store | Hub | Steam DB | Site Developer: Navel Publisher: Yume Haven Genre: Adventure, Casual, Simulation Languages: English Tags: Anime (57), Visual Novel (55), Casual (47), Adventure (43), Simulation (41), Romance (34), Fantasy (28), Dating Sim (28), Nudity (22), Singleplayer (19), Mature (17), Cute (16), Choices Matter (15), Multiple Endings (14), Comedy (14), Interactive Fiction (13), Story Rich (13), Drama (12), Cult Classic (12), Choose Your Own Adventure (11)Category: Single-player, Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards Release date: Nov 22, 2016 Price: .99 Old userscore: 78% Owners: 6,009 ± 2,350Players in the last 2 weeks: 959 ± 1,083 (15.96%)Players total: 3,365 ± 1,759 (56%)Followers: 4,030Peak concurrent players yesterday: 5Playtime in the last 2 weeks: (average) (median) Playtime total: (average) (median) The views data is based on top 50 videos uploaded last week.Actual number of views might be more than the number shown. It is also a popular Anime and Manga, although the manga has yet to be translated into english.(... 1.1 ------------------- General Information ------------------- Shuffle! is a Visual novel Created by Navel, and Published by Manga Gamer.Nakiges and Utsuges are both portmanteaus in the Japanese language to refer to crying and depressing games respectively.Both types can include sexual content as well but only for the purpose of expanding and highlighting the development of relationships in the game.I think.) That being said, it also contains sexual themes not suited for children, as well as a potential loli-pedo-fin... Thus, if you are offended or disgusted by wet cunts and people getting hot and heavy, (or, you are under the age of 18), you have no need for this guide and should not play the game.--------------- Main Characters --------------- * Tsuchimi Rin: The man who can become either a god or a devil.

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* Fuyou Kaede: A very kind, pretty, and homely girl who is devoted to Rin.The collaboration of Active Gaming Media’s expertise on translation, localization and transferring content onto different platforms and Glee’s expertise on using and managing popular anime and manga characters, will strengthen the overseas appeal of “SHUFFLE! that follows the romantic life of Rin Tsuchimi, a high schooler, who finds himself being sought after by a variety of girls. Rin shows minimal initiative when dealing with girls, but he develops feelings for both Sia and Nerine quickly when they arrive and spends more and more time with them. In the world of eroges, there are many sub class and types of eroges.For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on nakige or utsuge and drama.

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