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He has said ”I intend to keep my private life away from public scrutiny”.

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And he wants to run that place like a really tight ship.” But that doesn’t mean Rebecca’s not still interested in him, star Rachel Bloom adds: “He kind of treats her like garbage, which is what she’s attracted to.” That attraction doesn’t go both ways, though… “[Rebecca] thinks, ‘Oh, we must have some banter going, because I’m a cute girl and you’re a cute guy,'” Mc Kenna says.Marcus High School where he was involved in theater until he graduated in 2003.He attended Collin County Community College for one semester with a focus on acting, but soon left his studies to pursue a professional career in that field.Laura has already established herself as a successful TV actress in USA.In their five year long relationship, Laura helped Scott further his career and even helped him with his acting abilities and skills.

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