Itemupdating not firing

I ran into an issue with an Event Receiver that was deployed to a Document Center Site library.

The requirement is pretty simple, when a document is added to the Documents library or an existing document is updated, create a task for someone to review the document's metadata.

There are basically two types of event receivers: Synchronous and Asynchronous event receivers.

Synchronous event receivers are also known as ‘Before’ event receivers.

Then select "an item was added" in events and click Finish. Step 7Go to the Event receiver cs file and paste the following coding into it.

Here I have an “Event Receiver” list with Title, Date Time Now and Action Columns. Step 10Go to your custom list (Event Receiver) and add a new Item.

While developing any application we need to handle some events.

For example, when a new item is added to a list, we may need to perform some action like say, notifying the person who created the list item, or modifying the dependent entries in some other location etc.

They are used to perform some custom action after an event occurs.

They are used to perform some custom action before an event occurs.

In this case, there is a flexibility of cancelling the event on some conditions so that the event that gets initiated will not occur.

If the value equals what you want then run the worlflow. If the email is being received with any modification then you have got your flow wrong.

Martin's solution is very straightforward but you can also expand on this by using content types to allow for an approval process that performs another action.

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