Bisex saar

“The very existence of these stereotypes is indicative of what society sees as illegitimate,” says Eisner, who is 31 .

“For example, sexual independence- especially for women, is a threat to monogamy and breaks the boundary between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

Johnny bitterly resents Gheorghe, stubbornly insisting he can cope on his own, but Gheorghe proves he not only understands this farming life, but more importantly, he understands Johnny.Oehrli) and leading to the inception of the biennial Michigan Instruction Exchange (MIX) Conference where instruction librarians from around the state gather to share ideas and best practices.Her research in incorporating data literacy into instruction is even more impressive and is poised to have an impact on all level of library instruction. Oehrli and her research team were recently award a 0,000 to high school librarians abilities in teaching data literacy ideas such as ethical data use and statistical literacy. Oehrli complements all these efforts with a strong service record having served on the LOEX Advisory Council and chaired the LIRT Top 20 Committee. When notified of the award, Oehrli stated, “I’m proud to be a LIRT member and honored to receive this award from an organization that has done so much to promote information literacy in all types of libraries.Oehrli was chosen as the 2017 winner based on her contributions at the national, state and local levels in support of information literacy and instruction. Oehrli as part of the LIRT 40 Anniversary Celebration on Saturday June 24, 7-9 PM at the Hilton Chicago Williford Room A during the ALA Annual Conference in Chicago.Michael Saar, chair of the 2016 Awards Committee, noted Oehrli’s extensive leadership in promoting information literacy, program creation and her strong publication record as determining factors in the committee’s selection of her as this year’s winner. Oehrli emphasis on critical pedagogy and applying best practices in library instruction has impacted her library colleagues as well as the university as a whole since her arrival in 2009.

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